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Patenter og offentliggjorte patentansøgninger

Søren H. Nielsen, Rønnehaven 74, DK-8520 Lystrup, February 2010.

The list below contains one entry for each patent / application where I am one of the inventors. The list can be constructed by searching (e.g. on espacenet.com) for my name and one of the companies TC Group, TC Electronic or Institut für Rundfunktechnik.

Please note that most of the patents / applications consist of a family, as separate documents are needed for different countries and regions.

Apart from the list of published patent documents, two further applications with my name on them have been submitted in the period of 2008-2009: One concerning improved reproduction of bass, and one concerning guitar tuners.

US7546213 (2009), Esben Skovenborg, Ivar Iversen & Søren Nielsen, TC Group A/S: Audio visualizer.

WO2007085267 (2007), EP1977508, US2009016540, Søren Henningsen Nielsen & Esben Skovenborg, TC Electronic A/S: Auditory perception controlling device and method.

WO2006000215 (2006), EP1766610, US2008031464, Søren Henningsen Nielsen & Esben Skovenborg, TC Electronic A/S: Method of evaluating perception intensity of an audio signal and a method of controlling an input audio signal on the basis of the evaluation.

EP1727122 (2006), US2006278068, Ivar Iversen & Søren Henningsen Nielsen, TC Electronic A/S: Guitar pedal.

EP1158486 (2001), WO0188901, US2003152237, US2009110202, AU6008201,  DE60130654, Søren Henningsen Nielsen & Kim Rishøj, TC Electronic A/S: Method of processing a signal.

DE19515805 (1996), Søren Nielsen & Susanne Ritscher, Institut für Rundfunktechnik GmbH: Data reduction for digitised audio signal.